COMP3204 Computer Vision


Maintained by Dr Jonathon Hare and Dr Xiaohao Cai.

Welcome to the homepage for the ECS COMP3204 “Computer Vision” module.

The challenge of computer vision is to develop a computer based system with the capabilities of the human eye-brain system. It is therefore primarily concerned with the problem of capturing and making sense of digital images. The field draws heavily on many subjects including digital image processing, artificial intelligence, computer graphics and psychology.

This course will explore some of the basic principles and techniques from these areas which are currently being used in real-world computer vision systems and the research and development of new systems.

Lectures & Teaching

The lectures for this course will be given by Dr Xiaohao Cai (email) and Dr Jonathon Hare (email). Xiaohao will give the lectures for the first part of the course, and Jon will finish with the second half.

There will be three lectures each week up to around the end of week 8; you’ll then have about three weeks to work on your final coursework. We’ll also likely throw in a couple of bonus lectures during the last weeks to cover additional material and give feedback. After the Christmas vacation we’ll run a revision lecture and also give feedback (and prizes!) for the group coursework.

We strongly encourage you to get involved by asking questions in the lectures - please don’t be shy. Expect that we’ll also ask for help from the audience from time=to-time too.

The lecture slots are (currently) as follows – keep an eye on your timetable for any changes:

Day Time Room
Mondays 12PM 42/Cinema (SUSU Cinema)
Tuesdays 2PM 2A/2065 (Arts Annex L/T H)
Fridays 4PM 58/1067 (Murray L/T)

Lecture Materials

Materials to accompany the lectures can be found here:


This is a split exam and coursework module. Past exam papers can be found on the web (hint search for “Computer Vision” rather than the module code to see a long list of historic, but largely still relevant, past papers). We’re still waiting for guidance on the exact form that the exam paper will take this year.


The schedule for each coursework is shown below, and details will become available below as each coursework is set. Deadline dates are currently provisional as deadlines might be moved by the Director of Programmes to minimise conflicts with other assignments from different modules. Note the slightly unusual timings (the first coursework to be set is handed in after the second - this is intentional).

  • Coursework 1. Set Monday 4th October. Due Friday 26th November, 16:00. Feedback by 17th December : Specification : Handin Link : FAQ

  • Coursework 2. Set Friday 15th October. Due Friday 12th November, 16:00. Feedback by 4th December : Specification : Handin Link

  • Coursework 3. Set Tuesday 16th November. Due Thursday 16th December, 16:00. Feedback by 14th January : Specification : Handin Link

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